JOTT… making the streets safer for all.

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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i am giddy about a new program i started using yesterday… it’s a app called JOTT. it’s a program that can be used for iPhone’s or blackberry’s (maybe others as well but that’s all i saw) and it will revolutionize your world. i’ve had the app for quite a while but i never used it, but thanks to my wife reading Pete Wilson’s blog i figured out what kind of real treasure i really had. i am not a “read the instructions” kind of guy i just get stuff and run with it, which in this case hurt me.

i had this JOTT program but thought it was just a memo recorder and never made use of it. however, i found out yestday that JOTT is way more than a simple memo recorder.  JOTT is a program that converts voice recorded memos in to typed out notes, as well as allows you to call a number and record a memo and JOTT will then text or email that memo to the contact of your choice. and the best part is it’s all free.

how many times have you been driving down the road and thought of something and immediately pulled out your phone to text somebody or to send an email? i do it frequently because if something comes into my head i have to get it out right away or risk the chance that it gets lost in the abyss of forgetfulness never to return again. but with JOTT i can simply get my earpiece and call the free 866 number and JOTT asks “who would you like to jott?” i say “kirsten” and then “beeeeeeep” and i go “hey coming home from church do you need anything for lunch?” (actually took place today) or i could call and say tomas… “beeeeep”… “hey we need to get a gym night on the calendar.” normally this would be done going down the road texting and driving at the same time… scary i know. but thanks to JOTT i can text or send emails hands free while not worrying about losing a thought into the bottomless abyss of forgetfulness.





a helpful tip… when you go to to add your contacts (which you have to do to do the voice text/email dictation) don’t add the phone number and email for the person. do either or because if you do both it sends both a text and an email, which can be rather overbearing.

JOTT makes the street of Daytona Beach safer for all.


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