Burn Baby, Burn!

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

We’ve been in a series in 68 called “Flannel Board Stories” we’ve basically been looking at good ole Sunday school stories we use to learn about from the flannel board and getting deeper application from them. We looked at the Jonah, Daniel and the lions den, and this week is Moses and the burning bush from Exodus 3: 1-12.

I love this story, there’s so many great ways to learn from it. Like… God interrupting Moses’ normal everyday activity. The bush burning but not being consumed. Moses returning to that very same mountain to worship after they were free. So many lessons and ways to look at this story. What I love more than anything is that Moses had an encounter with God and left not only changed but ready to bring change.

How many times have we had this amazing encounter with God but left just doing the same thing we did before the encounter? I mean maybe we’ve never seen a tree on fire and had God talk to us from that tree but certainly we as Chrsitians have been in services, car rides, in our bedroom alone with Him and thought “Wow. I just really had a moment with God.” but then left and really didn’t do much with it. Not Moses. He had encounter with God, he left what He was doing, obeyed God, and freed God’s people.

We may not feel like we can be Moses, or that we know a people in slavery crying out to God like the Israelite’s were. However, if you’ll just take a minute to look around there’s hurting people everywhere that need somebody to reach out to them. And the “ch. 3 & 4 Moses” didn’t feel like the “ch. 14 parting of the Red Sea Moses” either. He felt unqualified and unprepared. In the short time He met with God in chapters 3 & 4 he said, “Who am I to do this?” “What should I say?” “Why should they listen?” “What if they don’t believe or listen?” “Please send somebody else.” Does this sound like the Moses that parted the red sea to you? Right then and there he wasn’t the “powerful white bearded staff wielding Moses” we envision but God equipped Him along the way. He had to leave His encounter with God and do something different than he had ever done before because there were people that need rescued.

Let’s not have the highlight of our walk with God be the time when we saw the bush burn and heard His voice. Let the highlight been what we’ve done with The Voice we heard. This week I am challenging middle school students to not just have week to week encounters with God and then not do anything with those encounters. I am issuing a challenge for them to be a Moses (the deliver) on their campus, in the neighborhood, in their world.

Ask yourself where you can be Moses? Ask yourself who are the people you encounter that need rescued? Look around your world and see who is looking for an answer to their pain.  Maybe you don’t feel qualified. Maybe you don’t have all the answers. Maybe people will question you… but people still need rescued. What you have to do is what Moses did, just be willing to take the first step and trust that God will provide you with everything you need.


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