Invest Early

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Investments are a funny thing. Especially with the state of our financial world today. But when you invest in something that does well, the earlier you get in the better the reward. With that in mind I will say this. Invest in people. Early. Really early.

The biggest impact we’ve had on our lives if most of us will look back is when people took time to actually INVEST in us. I think back over my life and see the impact people had on me. The time my PE teacher pulled me aside after class. The night my chaplain at college called me out. The pastors that have taken time to help me in ministry. Time after time and over and over and over people invested in my life. Those investments have paid off in a lot of ways.

Investment in people was Jesus’ way. Think about it. The disciples. Nicodemus. Zacchaeus. The woman at the well. Mary Magdalene. The sick. The hurting. The outcasts.  I mean we read the stories of the thousands of people he spoke to and all the crowds, but don’t let the individual investments get lost in the stories of the crowds.

Make an invest in people. Your family. Your staff. Your students. Your friends. Your neighbor. Your world. So, find somebody to invest in to. It’s something the will not let you down.

As a side note… we invest Jesus into our boys as much as possible. This morning I had Jesus Culture playing in the truck on the way to school and turned to see my 5 year old Hunter in a pure moment of worship. INVESTMENT IN YOUR KIDS SPIRITUAL WALK WILL PAY OFF… SO INVEST EARLY!


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