The Power in Knowing Him

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

As a Christian our greatest goal in our walk should be to know God. It’s in the journey of knowing Him that all encompasses the word “Christian” will happen. Love for people. Holy living. Passion for the lost. Kindness towards our neighbor. The list could go on and on but if our burning hunger in life becomes to know Him all these things will be a byproduct of that hunger.

Paul writes in Philippians 3:10-12 that he wanted to know Christ to the point of sharing in Christ sufferings so that he would receive resurrection from the dead. What’s interesting about this  is that Paul had just listed all the natural religious things that would have given him supreme confidence in his relationship with God. But then he went on to say all those things I just listed I consider them garbage if I can gain Christ. Paul knew that it wasn’t religious natural things that were going to make the difference in his life. It wasn’t going to be man made efforts that would set him apart because anyone could have those things but it was the deep desire to KNOW God that was going to be the thing that separated him apart and made him different. It wasn’t just head knowledge that Paul wanted to have it was knowledge through personal experience with Jesus that Paul desire.

Paul said “that I may know Him.” The phrase in the original language “that I may know” is something that is grouped together. It’s a phrase that when interpreted can’t be broken apart into individual words but it stays together as the phrase “that I may know.” The phrase “that I may know” doesn’t point to a one time event of meeting God but it points to an ongoing knowing of God. Paul was saying what I want is to all the time come to know God more and more.

Whenever I meet somebody I know them. If I never see them again for the rest of my life I can say “Yes, I know them.” because of that one time meeting. On the flip side people that I am engaged with on and everyday personal level I get to know more and more and more. I knew my wife the first night I met her, but I obviously didn’t know her like I know her now. Through time together and experiences and life and all that I have a knowledge my wife today that I never would have had the almost 9 years ago when I first met her and first knew her.

That’s how our relationship with God should be. To know God like Paul was saying is an ongoing daily process of  gaining a knowledge of who He is. When we give ourselves to really come to know God the sky is the limit for what we can do for His kingdom. Paul did amazing things for the kingdom of God and it’s because his heart beat wasn’t just a head knowledge of God it was a deep desire to continually get to know Him. If we want to do extraordinary things for God it starts with out desire to continually know more and more about Him. Extraordinary things are the result of a simple, pure, and passionate desire to know God more than we know Him now.


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